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She is 8months old, really loves the baby throne and actually cries to sit on it. 🙂


Here is A at 15 weeks and loving his Throne!  Mum has been holding him over the toilet in a squat position since he was a month old but now his Throne can be his safe pair of hands 🙂


Love it when my friends have babies! Still such a good feeling for me to see them loving the Baby Throne I created for my son almost 13 years ago (!). Here L's beautiful clever baby is 7.5 months pooping in the Throne and not had a poo nappy in 2 days so on her way to no more poopy nappies. So cute and so happy!


I wanted to share my sons progress at the age of 2.5 he is fully aware of his bodily functions and is fully potty trained (no Nappies at night either). Your toilet seat has travelled around the world! From Mauritius, to Thailand to New Zealand it is a part of our everyday lives!

Thank you for this, I can’t tell you how I experienced struggles first time round and how easy potty training was second time round because the ball was in his court and he was in control of his body. No rewards, no bribery just a time for connecting between mom and son and son and his body.


Hi Baby Throne! Just received my order! I am soooo happy. My little one already loves it. I put her in it and all her burps came out! Im sure it will help her super quick with toilet training. The colors are beautiful too. YAY


Loving my New Baby Throne Squat Step Lid!


Here my son is 5 months old. We use the Throne every morning and usually after naps. This saves me at least 1 nappy per day, usually 2-3. I use cloth nappies so it’s not about the cost for us but more about not letting my boy sit in his own dirt 😊. I can highly recommend the Baby Throne.


Here is Mr C at 17 weeks on the Baby Throne with mummy on the Baby Throne's squat-step toilet-training during Lockdown here in Cape Town (yes we deliver). Success achieved within 2 days!


Morning poop and playtime! Works phenomenal. Makes using cloth nappies easier.

Less mess
Less waste


Mom said: At 2 months old he received his Baby Throne today & already made his first poop!!! Amazing concept & by far worth it!!! Lol never been as proud of poop as I am today hahaha!
Will def recommend


Why use a nappy for number 2s? Here he is aged 4 months (not 14 months!). More info on www.babythrone.co.za. Suitable for ages 4 months to 4 years. Paediatrician endorsed. Squat position makes them poop! You just get into a routine of 2 X a day for a few minutes!

The Baby Throne holds baby in an optimal squat position which triggers the instinct to push. This helps baby sort out his constipation issues all by himself naturally.   Mum can help by giving baby a routine!

Melissa James – split crotch pants – 7 months

On the Throne at 7 months in handy split pants!

1 Estelle Els (mom 3) Azinel 8m then 1yr

This is little E at 8 months on her Throne and then here we have E at 12 months on her Throne....

2 Estelle old (has another photo when big)

This is E now at 12 months....she can use her Throne until she is at least 4 years old either as a potty or on the toilet as a toilet trainer.

3 Asinel now aged 13months Estelle is mum

Here E is on the advanced stage of the Baby Throne!  When E is about 4 yrs old (about 20kgs/44lbs) the Throne gets a bit tight and then she is quite happy to sit on the toilet without her Throne (their bums hang down so still in a squat position!).  No need to purchase anything else.

6m boy – mum Karen Parsen’s

It is perfectly normal to have constipation at about 6 months when transitioning and trying different solids but the Throne helps sort this out.  On top of this here we are teething as well...it can be tough being a baby.

Age 10 months – My 10 m old daughter has only had 4 misses these past few weeks. No more stinky nappies in nappy bin and usage way down. I now have a happy baby and am a happy mommy.

My 10m old daughter has only had 4 misses these past few weeks.  No more stinky nappies in nappy bin and usage way down. I now have a happy baby and am a happy mommy!

better pic

I added a small table in front with something to play with or read.  Works like a charm.

Damen started at 5 months and here he is nearly a very cool 2 years old!

Started at 5 months and here he is very cool at 2!

Lex at 4m scaled down 1

4 months old and from New York City!

BenArcher age 3

Got his Throne at 3 and took to it straight away.  Toilet training was easy as he said he was comfortable and not scared of falling.  The shape and support under the thighs ensures no fear of letting go.

Brother likes the Throne too 1


Lisa Clarke son 6 weeks – they love it

He loves it!

Mum is Lisa Clark

That's my little brother on my left; I love it too!

Andrew Charles Horsfall You can start younger then you think… my daughter Emily Rose Horsfall at 8 weeks… She uses it quite consistently now.

You can start younger then you think... my daughter E at 8 weeks... She uses it quite consistently now.

Brother likes Throne too 2

A touch of class 😉

Twin Axel 6m old

Check my 6 month old twin on my left!

Twin Tidus 6m old

Check my 6m old twin on my right!

Anna Lee 2

Your lovely mum gave us this Zoe when I started potty training and I'm not sure what we would have done without it - we are still putting it to good use and it's currently camping with us!

Annie louise Hanekom 2- Baby Throne SO deserves the GREEN awards!! My second twin, little Maguire starting to really get the hang of it – I’m using so many less nappies!

Baby Throne SO deserves the GREEN awards!! My second twin, little M starting to really get the hang of it - I'm using so many less nappies (diapers)!

Fynn twin of Maguire 2

I have had the most AMAZING experience with the Baby Throne..I have 7.5 month old twin boys, F & M...this is F (M is on the left), with a bit of a slow start (got them on it from about 4.5 months), he is now doing about 90% of his poos on his Throne!


Derek Van Riet sent- Push my son, PUSH

Push my son, PUSH!

Christina Ward- V loves her Baby Throne!

V loves her Baby Throne!

Jennifer Catlin Hamel2

This is our 5 1/2 m old. We have been doing elimination communication with her for about 3 m now, and we hardly have poopy diapers to change anymore! WooHoo!

Lilma-Jean Morris sent- Lysandra @ 9 months. We have been using the throne since 5 months and moved to advanced by 6 months. She gets very upset at mommy if i miss the signals.

L at 9 months. We have been using the Throne since 5 months and moved to advanced Throne by 6 months. She gets very upset at mommy if I miss the signals!

Regan Matthews set- Eidris (5 months) on his throne

E at 5 months and can touch his toes at the same time; a gymnast in the making!

Nix Walker sent in – no comment!

...on the iThrone!

mum is Leoni Mullet- We love our throne even on holiday in the motorhome-)

We love our Throne even on holiday in the motorhome 🙂

Shilo 8.5m Adv3

Here is S at 8.5 months; check the sign language!

Tammy Ardilla sent- Yay! Baby throne!! Lincoln is 3.5 moths old and starting as a beginner.

Yay! Baby Throne!! L is 3.5 months old and starting on the beginner Baby Throne!

Sent in by Sam Moleta A loo with a bush view 😍

A loo with a bush view 😍


Proof of washing hands!


Look no hands!

New Image

Little A at 5 months asking dad to put a squash racket in that hand!

New Image

Zoe and her dad at the first Kind and Jugend show in Cologne.  Lots of fun and far too much wine 🙂


Replacement needed as dog ate Throne; dog is fine!

6 months old

M is 5 months old and took to his Throne straight away.  Serious business!


Mr C is super comfortable!


Always in a hurry to get the job done so more room for breakfast!


First time on the beginner Throne and working it all out 🙂

Anthony P Hockey BT 1

Watching you watching me!

Mia – 18 months

A very pretty little M at 18 months 😉

This is how we watch lorries while travelling with our baby throne…(mum is Zaria)

This is how we watch lorries while travelling with our Baby Throne...

Hector on the original Throne

How it all started in 2007:  The original prototype Baby Throne made from clay, wood, foam and lots of plumbing tape.


H demonstrating the intermediate stage on the Baby Throne prototype all those years ago.


H demonstrating the beginner stage of the Baby Throne prototype in 2007.

IMG_3244 1

Here is H at 3 years old.  No need for anything else after he grew out of his Throne.

Model visitor

We even get models visiting us at our stand at baby shows to demonstrate 🙂

Nadia 3 months plus Giselle daughter

We bought the Throne for our toddler G and she took to it straight away.  We then noticed her sister N at 3 months was able to hold her head up so we put her on it too.  They share and it works like a bomb for them both!  Best investment ever.

IMG_3210 1

Here is A at age 3.  B the right is her younger brother.


This is little B.  Big brother B on the right and big sister A on the left.  Photos not taken at same time!

IMG_3192 1

The Baby Throne really helps B's runny tummy as a result of teething.  Big sister and little brother on his left!

IMG_3171 1

N says rattle and hum!

IMG_3352 1

Z loves to chat whilst on his Throne.

IMG_3154 1

L likes to play with his magic rattle when on his Throne otherwise he gets bored.

IMG_3235 1

Lady in red 🙂

IMG_3419 1

She knows who is being the clever one 😉

IMG_3403 1

Here is A at 5 months from Cape Town.

IMG_3382 1

Initially terrified of the toilet.  We used the beginner and intermediate stages of the Baby Throne to have that gentle progression onto the toilet.  Within a week she was happy to use the advanced Throne on the toilet!

IMG_3422 1

A came for visit and had a bit of a crampy tummy; a few minutes on the Throne helped sort that out!

Ashley at 10 weeks

A at 10 weeks and needs a little head support but loving the Beginner Throne!


Love the expression!! You can see how the optimal squat position of the Baby Throne is triggering her instinct to push! Why do this in a diaper?

Ashley in Split pants

Little A in trendy split pants!

Ashley at 4 months

4 months old and likes her morning routine is 5:30am whether mom is happy with that or not!

comfortable loo time

We love happy moms and babies! Baby A is looking super comfortable and very content in her #BabyThrone while mom Kirsty Fowles snaps a few pics.

Throne over the years

Here is something to cheer us up! This is "A" as she grew up on her Throne. She gets most of her reading done whilst on her Throne now. Although no more than 10 minutes a read!