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Ordering a Baby Throne is easy either from one of our popular online shops or direct from us.

Courier for local South Africans.  Delivery times: South Africa 4 business days.  Rest of the World: 1 to 2 weeks by airmail.

International airmail is tracked until your Throne leaves South Africa and it is then in your postal system.

Exact delivery details will be sent to you via email.  All Baby Thrones are insured, we have never ‘lost’ one!

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Baby Throne South Africa - Courier Delivery R999.

R999: Includes courier delivery & insurance plus a free Lid worth R120.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this offer is only available for South African and purchases via the Baby Throne website until 4th October 2019

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Baby Throne Rest of the World - AirMail Delivery $139.

$139 includes postal delivery & insurance plus a free Lid worth $30.

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Baby Throne Cost:

South Africa:

  • R999 includes courier delivery & insurance plus a free Lid worth R120

Rest of the World:

  • US$68 includes airmail postage & insurance plus a free lid worth $30

If you have a Throne already get the Baby Throne Lid including delivery and insurance for only:  R120 (South Africa) or $30 (Rest of the World).

1. Fill in one of the Order Request forms above

2. Within 48 hours we email you your unique order number, total cost & how to pay or if you have already paid via Payfast, Paypal or Snapscan we will send you your delivery details!

3. You can also pay us via EFT or DD.  You, or at your request your bank, emails us your POP (Proof of Payment) or we get your POP automatically from PayPal. 

4. We email tracking details to you.  Wait for your Throne and Enjoy!

Baby Thrones are also available on Amazon!  South Africans can also order from www.Loot.com or www.takealot.com

Note: Discount vouchers only applicable on retail price.

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you are not happy in 14 days with your  Baby Throne send it back and we will refund you; no questions asked.  We have not had one returned yet!.

Please note that when ordering in multiples of more than 4 Baby Thrones then the exact costs will communicated via email.

The factory address (ISO 9001-2000) accredited and certified BEE (Black Economic Empowerment Program):

Chairtech Unit 2 & 3, Linton Road,
Beaconvale, Parow, Cape Town 7500, South Africa.
Telephone number: +27 21 933 2076
Fax number: +27 21 933 4155
Email: info@knightsbabytraining.com

The Baby Throne




All Baby Throne orders will be insured and have a tracking number which can be tracked on the South African Post Office (SAPO) website (www.sapo.co.za). You will receive your tracking number after you have submitted your Baby Throne order and we have received payment confirmation. Delivery times are approximate and are dependent upon product availability. Most Baby Throne orders are dispatched within 48 hours of receiving your order and payment.

If you are concerned about your Baby Throne order, contact your local post office and use the tracking number to locate where your parcel is. Within South Africa orders are delivered via the SA post office (SAPO); allow approximately 6 business days for delivery.

All Overseas orders are delivered by airmail insured post via SAPO. Track your Baby Throne order and to establish when it has left South Africa. Once your Baby Throne has left South Africa contact your local post office and use the tracking number to locate your parcel. Delivery times are approximately 7 to 14 working days for air mail which is the most reliable.


If your Throne does not arrive after 14 days from the day it was sent please contact your local post office with your tracking number.  If customs have your parcel they should notify you with details.  However remember we have no control over your customs and can only ensure it arrives in your country safely.  Knight’s Baby Training does not make any profits on postage and we take a cut in our margins to help cover overseas postage charges. Total weight of package approximately 3kg; size of item in cm: 40 X 40 X 37.


Baby Throne lead time is dependent on stock availability. Should we have stock available, orders will be dispatched within 48 hours provided payment is validated/received before 14:00 hours.  Should the product not be in stock we will of course inform you of the details.

Every effort is made to effect shipment of your Baby Throne order efficiently however unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. Should we be faced with such an occurrence Knight’s Baby Training will contact you via email and provide a revised shipping schedule.



If you know your Baby Throne Order number please contact us for urgent resolution to your enquiry.

If you do not then please check if you can find the order confirmation email. You can also check your postage status by putting your tracking number into the SAPO website (www.sapo.co.za).

If you do not have the Baby Throne Order Number and the Order Confirmation email has been lost, please give us enough details so we can identify your order in our system.


Prices will, in most cases, be a few cents less than expected because of exchange rate fluctuations between the time we charge you and the time payments are made. Despite the fact that we adjust the exchange rate in favour of the customer to try and prevent any apparent overcharges, it is something we cannot control. If this happens to you, and although we are not responsible for the discrepancy, in the interest of customer goodwill we will assign the value of the discrepancy as a credit for a future order.




Any customs charges or sales tax upon entry to your country we exclude from our prices. We have no control over your customs but if they do intercept your parcel they will contact you.  Should you be charged customs/sales tax please let us know so that we can learn to be better prepared.  However you will be pleased to know that South Africa does in fact enjoy duty concessions in a number of countries.  The benefits of the Baby Throne being made in the Mother City, Cape Town!

Remember if you cannot find the Baby Throne on other websites it means they are out of stock; we will deliver soonest!