The Grand Throne

The Throne for the injured, frail or convalescing adults.

The Grand Throne was designed to meet a real need.  Through our work with the Baby Throne, we learned that there was a real need for more independence, dignity and health in the bathroom and around the home for all ages. The Grand Throne (patent pending) encourages an ergonomic squatting position which supports people to maintain regular bowel movements.

We discovered that there are times in our lives when moving from a standing position to a sitting position, and back up again safely, is a real challenge.  We hoped that by creating the Grand Throne we would give people of all ages access to that freedom and dignity in their own homes.  The Grand Throne can be used in the bathroom (toilet and shower) and around the home.

Using the Grand Throne in the home as part of medical care will not only give you privacy and dignity, it will also support your colon health and comfort. This can support independence and lessen the requirement for medication.

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Whether frail, injured or handicapped, the Grand Throne offers secure help in lowering you down into that optimal seated position and gently lifting you back up to a standing position again.

The frame offers you support from the back and sides to ensure safety and stability. The rails are perfect to grab onto for any extra support needed. Sometimes we do not want to be seated in a squat position and only wish to be seated in a 90 degree seated position. There are times when being seated in a squat position is not appropriate for example after a back operation or as advised by your medical professional. If this is the case, we simply swap the Grand Throne Squat Seat and replace it with a standard-sized toilet seat.

The gas-lifts gently lower you down as you lean back into the toilet seat. These gas-lifts also lift you back up again as you lean forward into a standing position. The amount of lift required is a personal choice and generally depends upon the weight of the individual. As a guide you need approximately 15% of your body weight to be fully supported by the Grand Throne. You can choose from the 3 models’, 100N (suitable for uses from 50kg to 60kg) or the 200N (suitable for users from 60kg to 90kg) or 300N (suitable for users from 90kg to 120kgs) individuals.

Sitting in the correct position is vital for colon health. Medical research shows that the optimal squat position not only relaxes the puborectalis muscle (therefore triggering the urge to push) but also enables the bowels to fully empty. The optimal squat position prevents and eases constipation as it keeps the puborectalis muscle in a relaxed position as the bowel empties.

The Grand Throne Assembly

How To Use The Grand Throne


Out of all the baby gifts we were given, this has to be the number one item for me! A real winner.

Donna Noble Parent

The Baby Throne is an incredibly durable product with a functional design. It is easy to clean, small enough to not take up too much space and Knox loves sitting in it as it is so comfy! It is very light and easy to move from room to room. This is not a magical solution for potty training, but it does make it a hell of a lot easier. There are also so many advantages to using the Baby Throne that the price tag is definitely worth it. This product will most likely last you through all of your kids, it is pretty indestructible.

Maz Fashion Designer, Blogger

I got my Baby Throne a few weeks ago in the mail. I am in Australia. It is absolutely AMAZINNNNG!! I love it so, so, so much and even though people thought I was crazy when I did buy (including my mum and my husband) it’s worked a treat! We’ve always dealt with constipation due to him being on reflux medication and now he is going once a day. He is 8 months old and doesn’t even want to go in his nappy anymore, only once he sits on his Throne!

P.S. You’re a genius for inventing this. It’s brilliant and I wish I thought of it myself!

Jasmine Parent

The squat position is not only recommended for people with bowel or lower intestinal problems or even just constipation – it is required!

Harvard University Medical Research

Humans are designed to squat to eliminate effectively. It avoids constipation, ends haemorrhoids, prevents colon disease and addresses pelvic floor issues. Modern day living and standard ‘modern toilets’ have attributed to the increase in colitis, colon cancer, haemorrhoids, constipation, appendicitis…all lower intestinal issues. Both infants and adults can suffer from constipation. Babies especially struggle with constipation when they are transitioning from milk to solids which is usually at about 6 months. It is also very common for bottle fed babies to suffer from constipation issues.

From Squatty Potty - Testimonial & Constipation

My baby was 4 months old and holding her head up by herself and I initially thought 'it's too young' but then thought, 'why not?'. She has to empty herself properly and all she is doing is sitting in a squat position with her nappy on (Beginner Throne). She loves it and as soon as I was confident (she was already) I took her nappy off and 'voila!'. We are very happy and have the perfect routine. We discovered Elimination Communication all by ourselves!

Sandy Parent

Funny how one knows that squatting triggers the instinct to bear down but we still need to be told! Only an adult (young healthy one..) can hold that back but only for a limited period. Babies will not hold that instinct back for sure. This also explains why squatting helps constipation.

Dr Tweedle Paediatrician

Love the consideration of catching the little boy’s wee! No one likes that fountain coming at you and the way it is designed the toilet seat stays clean and dry for the girls in my house too. Elimination Communication parents know all about this!

Richard Parent

This is the only product on the market that will hold my baby and my toddler nice and safely and comfortably in the right position to go to the toilet. I want one for me! My body knows about Elimination Communication!

Gary Parent

My paediatrician held my constipated baby in a squat position on his lap to help him pass his stools. The Baby Throne saves me that cost and helps the constipation like magic. The Baby Throne is doing what my paediatrician was doing. One visit to the paediatrician costs far more than a Baby Throne!

Seth Parent

I strongly believe the Baby Throne has given my boy much greater confidence compared to his peers. Understanding elimination communication helped me to understand how to help my boy and the Baby Throne is the tool that held him in the right position.

David R. Parent