Baby Throne - The Facts

And the unique position

The Baby Throne holds your baby in a squat position.  This position allows for the complete and easy elimination of waste from the bowel.  Notice how the puborectalis muscle constricts the colon in a standing or sitting position, but then it is relaxed in the optimal squat position.  This applies to babies and adults too. When the puborectalis muscle is relaxed, your baby (or an adult) can instinctively and easily empty their bowels.

Most cases of encopresis are the result of chronic constipation.  Complete elimination of waste from the bowel is important for your baby's health and comfort.  The longer the stool remains in the colon the more difficult it is to push out.  Using the Baby Throne as part of a daily routine supports your baby's health and wellbeing.

Constriction of the rectum muscle

Did you know that it has been claimed that a disposable diaper can take 200 to 500 years (if ever!) to degrade?
A typical baby uses 3 650 diapers from birth to two years old
The Baby Throne has proven it can save over 2200 nappies (diapers) for one baby before the age of 2 years old. See our 'Savings Calculator' to see how much money this is or do the calculation for your baby!

Baby Throne & Potty Training (Toilet Training)

How & Why the Baby Throne was created...

The Baby Throne was created by Zoe for her son Hector.  When Hector was about 4 months old she noticed that her son showed indications of when he wanted to “go” and that a specific squat position triggered the instinct to “push” and empty the bowels completely.

She discovered that it was not necessary for Hector to be sitting in dirty diapers on a regular basis - especially when he was 6 months old and started eating solids.  She also found that it is possible to be finished with diapers (number 1 and 2s!) well before 18 months.  This is the same age that children were toilet trained before the invention of the disposable diaper over 40 years ago!

Don't believe it?  Watch Hector prove to you by pushing every 3 seconds until he is done in less than 90 seconds and his bowels are empty.  Watch for the happy face at the end!  Less time than it takes to change a number 2 diaper.  Plus of course no nappy rash (diaper rash), infections etc. simply because the poo does not touch their bottom's.

There was (and is) nothing on the market that is suitable to hold babies, or even toddlers, safely in an optimal squat position.  Zoe Durbach MSc MBA is a scientist and an engineer, but more importantly she is a mother. With all of this knowledge, it was easy for Zoe to create the Baby Throne.

Hector on the Baby Throne prototype

Hector Knight Durbach

On the very first prototype Baby Throne his mom made. It was made with wood, foam and lots of plumbing tape!


Out of all the baby gifts we were given, this has to be the number one item for me! A real winner.

Donna Noble Parent

The Baby Throne is an incredibly durable product with a functional design. It is easy to clean, small enough to not take up too much space and Knox loves sitting in it as it is so comfy! It is very light to move from room to room. This is not a magical solution for potty training, but it does make it a hell of a lot easier. There are also so many advantages to using the Baby Throne that the price tag is definitely worth it. This product will most likely last you through all of your kids, it is pretty indestructible.

Maz Fashion Designer, Blogger

I got my Baby Throne a few weeks ago in the mail. I am in Australia. It is absolutely AMAZINNNNG! I love it so, so, so much and even though people thought I was crazy when I did buy (including my mum and my husband) it’s worked a treat! We’ve always dealt with constipation due to him being on reflux medication and now he is going once a day! He is 8 months old and doesn’t even want to go in his nappy anymore, only once he sits on his Throne!

P.S. You’re a genius for inventing this! It’s brilliant and I wish I thought of it myself!

Jasmine Parent

The squat position is not only recommended for people with bowel or lower intestinal problems or even just constipation – it is required!

Harvard University Medical Research

Humans are designed to squat to eliminate effectively. It avoids constipation, ends haemorrhoids, prevents colon disease and addresses pelvic floor issues. Modern day living and standard ‘modern toilets’ have attributed to the increase in colitis, colon cancer, haemorrhoids, constipation, appendicitis…all lower intestinal issues. Both infants and adults can suffer from constipation. Babies especially struggle with constipation when they are transitioning from milk to solids which is usually at about 6 months. It is also very common for bottle fed babies to suffer from constipation issues.

From Squatty Potty - Testimonial & Constipation

My baby was 4 months old and holding her head up by herself and I initially thought ‘it's too young’ but then thought, 'why not?’. She has to empty herself properly and all she is doing is sitting in a squat position with her nappy on (Beginner Throne). She loves it and as soon as I was confident (she was already) I took her nappy off and ‘viola!'. We are very happy and have the perfect routine. We discovered Elimination Communication all by ourselves!

Sandy Parent

Funny how one knows that squatting triggers the instinct to bear down but we still need to be told! Only an adult (young healthy one..) can hold that back but only for a limited period. Babies will not hold that instinct back for sure. This also explains why squatting helps constipation.

Dr Tweedle Paediatrician

Love the consideration of catching the little boy’s wee! No one likes that fountain coming at you and the way it is designed the toilet seat stays clean and dry for the girls in my house too. Elimination Communication parents know all about this!

Richard Parent

This is the only product on the market that will hold my baby and my toddler nice and safely and comfortably in the right position to go to the toilet. I want one for me! My body knows about Elimination Communication!

Gary Parent

My paediatrician held my constipated baby in a squat position on his lap to help him pass his stools. The Baby Throne saves me that cost and helps the constipation like magic. The Baby Throne is doing what my paediatrician was doing. One visit to the paediatrician costs far more than a Baby Throne!

Seth Parent

I strongly believe the Baby Throne has given my boy much greater confidence compared to his peers. Understanding elimination communication helped me to understand how to help my boy and the Baby Throne is the tool that held him in the right position.

David Parent