Out of the mouths of babes – mini testimonials!

Potty training must be done with kindness and understanding.  Feeling safe, secure and comfortable in the correct position is the Baby Throne’s biggest secret to potty training!  Can you imagine starting potty training yourself being asked to sit on a cold hard plastic hole with no support around you and being asked to ‘relax’ especially if being asked to sit high off the ground as well?!

Here are some quotes from our users!

<i>Girisha – 12 months</i>
A very pretty lady who came to visit us at our stand at the baby show!  Mums find out about the benefits of Elimination Communication at baby shows as well as by word-of-mouth.
Girisha – 12 months

<i>Hector on the very first prototype hand-made Throne!</i>
It took months before mum thought to take a photo.  She stumbled upon Elimination Communication by accident.  One thing for sure is that I never struggled with constipation!
Hector on the very first prototype hand-made Throne!

<i>Mia – 18 months</i>
Mummy is very happy!
Mia – 18 months

<i>Cayden – 4 months</i>
Happy to be on the Throne’.  What a smile!
Cayden – 4 months

<i>Emily Rose – 8 weeks</i>
You can start younger than you think! I use the Baby Throne quite consistently now.’ We recommend starting at 4 months. However, Emily Rose is exceptionally strong and can sit up unaided already.
Emily Rose – 8 weeks

<i>Jennifer – 5.5 months</i>
We have been doing Elimination Communication for 3 m and hardly have poopy nappies.  Now with our new Baby Throne (woo hoo!) this will save my back and I will be able to work on baby signs!
Jennifer – 5.5 months

<i>Blake – 9 months</i>
A very special smile all the way from England!  ‘No more constipation!’ said his mother…
Blake – 9 months

<i>Nadia – 15 months</i>
I am happy because I am helping to save the environment for more flowers!
Nadia – 15 months

<i>Carmen – 13 months</i>
I am very comfortable!
Carmen – 13 months

<i>Cyan-30 Months</i>
Save money on nappies and buy more fruit treats
Cyan-30 Months

<i>Simonye – 5 months</i>
I come from Cape Town, the Mother City, home of the Baby Throne!
Simonye – 5 months

<i>Bryn – 5 Months</i>
I love the Baby Throne because it makes me feel safe and comfy.
Bryn – 5 Months

Close Clap and dance and have a reward ready (not food!) if he or she leaves a present when potty training (or if practicing Elimination Communication) especially if suffering from constipation! Baby is never left alone on the Baby Throne. If baby has an accident, and there will be accidents, just clean up and move on!  

Whole bunch more photos get sent and shared by moms to our Facebook page so see our fans there too!