How to use it – Instructions

The Baby Throne has two parts.  It is assembled in three different ways to suit the three different stages; beginner, intermediate and advanced.  The manual that comes with the Baby Throne describes the Baby Throne Technique in detail – the secret is routine, no more than twice a day and for never more than 10 minutes.  The QR code also takes you to the instructional video.

All you are working with is physiology and gravity plus instinct.

The Baby Throne Technique is about training the parents – the Baby Throne just triggers baby’s instinct to go to the toilet!

Download our Baby Throne Manual pdf (3mb)

how to use the baby throne


Baby Throne Instructional Video

Extract from Hector Durbach’s manual:
The Beginner Baby Throne: Your first stage or when you are still very small and can hold your head up comfortably. I was 4 months old. Wearing my nappy, my bottom was close to the floor of the base, with no hole to worry about.

The Intermediate Baby Throne: The base is turned up the other way and the floor of the base is farther away from your bottom. With no diaper on you can feel the air on your bottom and can get used to it. I was 7 months old when I tried this and as I was quite happy after a few minutes, I moved onto the Advanced Baby Throne.

The Advanced Baby Throne: Used without the base and seat is  simply placed on top of the toilet. Toddlers can also use these gentle and progressive stages to get onto the advanced stage quickly without getting a fright.

Baby Throne Advantages

  • The specific squatting angle of the Baby Throne may help babies and toddlers with constipation, cramping and bloating.
  • Avoiding long term diaper wearing may help avoid issues such as infections, testicular cancer and infertility.
  • Saves money on diapers. Between 0 and 2 years, each baby could save over 2000 diapers!
  • Saves time by changing less or no diapers!
  • Reduces environmental damage with reduced or no diaper usage!
  • Starts early and continues to toddler age. Can be used from as early as 4 months old depending upon baby’s physical
    development and when they can hold their head up and sit alone comfortably.
  • Toddlers hips tend to become too wide to comfortably fit in the Baby Throne at approximately 20kgs (average 4 or 5 year old).
  • Minimises the fear some children have of the toilet and ‘letting go’ with early and gentle introduction
  • Uses optimal and natural position to release and empty bowel.  Instinctively triggering the instinct to push!
  • Hygienic: Prevents nappy rash and reduces risk of urinary tract infections.
  • Focuses on comfort and safety. Made from comfortable, soft and easy-to-clean material allowing baby to enjoy the experience feeling safe and secure.
  • Starts training before the ‘terrible 2s’ and while baby still wants to ‘please’!