Elimination Communication & Toilet Training Frequently Asked Questions

Endorsed by baby clinics and paediatricians
There are a number of questions we get asked about Elimination Communication, potty training, toilet training, natural infant hygiene, baby whispering etc.  These all seem to be different ways or sayings for toilet training.  Here are some frequently asked questions about Elimination Communication & toilet training which we get asked all the time.  Most of these points asked about toilet training are covered in our ‘How to use it’ page or if you have a Baby Throne are addressed in the manual.

A great deal of problems with eliminating and constipation can be helped with routine and being in the correct squat position.  It is this magic angle that triggers the instinct to push and aligns our bowels to empty properly.  Having the right tool to hold baby or toddler in the correct position, routine, reward (a little clap!) and kindness is a great start.  Toilet training is perhaps not the correct terminology as babies and toddlers are just doing what they ‘do’.  Perhaps all we are doing is just giving parents the right tool (the Baby Throne) and training parents to use the tool (the Baby Throne!).

Start at 4 months’! How and why?

My son is a young 2 years old, he is too young to understand

My son is 25kg, is it too late?

Can I really save R6 500 (USD 950) before the age of 2?

What do I clean the Baby Throne with?

I am a working mother; I don’t have time to train my baby and nanny looks after him in the day so what’s the point?

Why has the Baby Throne not been invented before?

How do you toilet train and praise your child?

How should I respond to a toilet training accident?

Why should I make toilet training plan?

My child is toilet trained during the day, but not at night. What should we do?

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Are little girls at risk of infertility from nappies/diapers?

Will using cloth nappies/diapers make my daughter easier to toilet train?

What if my child refuses to sit on a potty or the Baby Throne or even to start toilet training?

Elimination Communication (ECing), Baby Whispering, Infant Potty Training or Natural Infant Hygiene with the Baby Throne?

My toddler is frightened of the toilet. How can I possibly toilet train when she is frightened?