1. Proudly South African

    Proudly South African

    We are now part of the Proudly South African family. The Proudly South African Campaign was born out of Socio-economic necessity in 1998 with the Presidential Jobs Summit – under leadership of former South African Pres. Nelson Mandela. It was formed from the international research that was based on the Australian buy local campaign. The same concept was bought here in South Africa to address the issues of Job creation through local investment in local products and services.

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  2. Elimination Communication (EC)

    Elimination Communication (EC)

    Elimination Communication (EC) A great book by Sarah Buckley Elimination Communication (EC)- also known as Infant Potty Training (IPT), Elimination Timing (ET) and Natural Infant Hygiene- is how most babies are brought up around the world. This ‘method’, which is so obvious in most cultures that it needs no name, involves the mother and baby becoming attuned and communicative so that the mother knows when the baby needs to eliminate- pee or poo. view Sarah Buckley’s book page here Helpful sites: www.diaperfreebaby.org www.tribalbaby.org/ http://freetoec.webs.com/

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  3. How YOU can save money and the environment…

    How YOU can save money and the environment…

    Save money and the environment All you need is routine (twice a day) & the magic squat position. Endorsed by paediatricians & suitable for infants aged 4 months upwards. It is the Baby Throne’s magic squat position that triggers the instinct to gooooo! A baby will use 3650* nappies before the age of 2. Baby Paul says “That’s a lot of dirty nappies to get rid of, I would rather have the laptop…” *Roughly 3650 nappies R11,400 R7000 *The nappies vary in price depending upon their size. This is based on an average of 5 nappies usage per day. Here’s a thought! the...

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  4. When can you start toilet training?

    When can you start toilet training?

    You can start whenever you like but potty training – or toilet training – has to start at some time, so simply start earlier rather than later. The earliest you can start is at four months, when babies can hold their head up unaided; and the ideal age is six months, when they start to eat solid foods. There is no need for anyone to be changing “number two” diapers on a regular basis. Nearly all of our Baby Throne fans have finished using diapers between 14 and 18 months old – the same age as 40 years ago, before...

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  5. How do you start toilet training?

    How do you start toilet training?

    All you need is the right tool and technique.  The Baby Throne is specifically designed for this.  It comes with an instructional DVD and a simple manual (free and available on this website). You will need a potty/toilet trainer at some point in time anyway, so why not buy the model that is medically endorsed, safe, soft, comfortable, and suitable for your children from babyhood until they are well into their toddler years and finally happy and able to sit on the big toilet?

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