About the Baby Throne potty training & Elimination Communication

The Baby Throne was created by Zoe Durbach; mother to her son Hector Durbach.  She noticed that her son showed indications of when he wanted to “go” and that a specific squat position triggered the instinct to “push”.  She discovered that it was not necessary for anyone to be sitting in dirty diapers on a regular basis and that it is possible to be finished with diapers before 18 months.  This is the same age that children were toilet trained before the invention of the disposable diaper over 40 years ago!

Qualified as an engineer, it was easy for her to create the Baby Throne that simply adapts traditional toilet training techniques (taken from the days before diapers or nappies were invented!) to our modern lives.

Any potty training or toilet training technique can be used with the Baby Throne; the choice is yours. However, the recommended Baby Throne Technique (as described in the manual) suggests using the Baby Throne at least twice a day (such as morning and evening, and if possible after a nap) but never for longer than 10 minutes each session. Less time than it takes to change all those diapers!

The Baby Throne is made from a soft, comfortable material that gently holds baby in a squat position.  This allows baby to make the connection between wanting to “go” and the Baby Throne.

Baby Throne Prototype
Hector Knight Durbach
on the very first prototype Baby Throne his mom made. It was made with wood, foam and lots of plumbing tape!

Zoe Durbach

The unique position

…in which baby (or toddler) is held in the Baby Throne allows for easy and complete elimination of waste from the bowel.  See how the Puborectalis muscle constricts the colon in a standing or sitting position but relaxes allowing complete elimination in the optimal squat position.

Zoe Durbach

The Facts

  • A typical baby uses 3 650 diapers from birth to two years old
  • At present pricing each disposable diaper costs R3.12 (US$0.24)
  • The Baby Throne & its technique has proven it can save over 2 200 diapers for one baby.  That is a saving of R6 875 (US$534) for each baby!
  • Did you know that it has been claimed that a disposable diaper can take over 500 years to degrade?