• 60% less diapers/nappies used
  • Best for baby, soft & recyclable
  • Endorsed by paediatricians
  • Saves time for busy mothers
  • “Paediatric surgeons and paediatricians recommend that ideally you should start using the Baby Throne by the time baby is 6 months old. It is at this age that babies generally transition from milk to solids and can struggle with constipation. The Baby Throne helps relieve constipation and other related issues commonly seen in babies and toddlers.”

    5 months

    7 months

    7 months

    31 months

    The first and only tool for



    The bridge between you and your child


    Save time, money and the environment!

    About Us

    A mother who noticed her son showed indications of when he wanted to ‘go’ created the Baby Throne.

    Qualified as an engineer it was easy for her to create the Baby Throne that simply adapts traditional toilet training techniques (taken from the days before nappies were invented!) to our modern lives.

    Any toilet training technique can be used with the Baby Throne, the choice is yours.

    2014 Special Offer

    R999 South Africa

    US$99 (Surface Mail) or US$139 (Airmail) rest of the world
    (12% discounted!)
    Delivery and Insurance included!

    What’s so special about the Baby Throne?

    The Baby Throne is kinder and healthier for babies and leaves mums with more free time. PLUS you save a fortune on diapers/nappies.

    The Baby Throne is the only patented, medically designed and endorsed potty for potty training, or toilet trainer for toilet training, device suitable for ages 4 months to approximately 4 years (about 20kg/45lbs).  

    The Baby Throne is also the only safe, soft and fully supported suitable potty, or toilet trainer, for those parents practicing Elimination Communication!