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  • Best for baby, soft & recyclable
  • Endorsed by paediatricians
  • Saves time for busy mothers
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    About us and the logic

    Potty training (or toilet training) has to start at some time so simply start earlier rather than later.  Generally rom the age of 4 months no one needs to be changing number 2 diapers on a regular basis.   Nearly all of our Baby Throne fans are finished using diapers between 14 to 18 months – the same age as 40 years ago before the invention of the disposable diaper!

    The Baby Throne comes with an instructional DVD and a simple manual. You are going to have to buy something at some point in time anyway so buy the ‘thing’ that is endorsed, safe, comfortable and suitable for your child from when they are baby until they are well into their toddler years and finally happy and able to sit on the big toilet.

    Your routine is twice a day; no more than 10 minutes, kindness, reward and the optimal squat position is all that is needed!




     See how much time & money you can save!





    What’s so special about the Baby Throne & potty training/toilet training/Elimination Communication?

    The Baby Throne is the only patented, medically designed and endorsed system for potty training/toilet training/Elimination Communication and suitable for ages 4 months to approximately 4 or 5 years old (about 20kg/45lbs).  One size fits all until they can happily sit on the big toilet.  

    Potty training, toilet training, Elimination Communication etc is easy BUT you have to have the right tool to hold baby or toddler in the optimal squat position to trigger the instinct to push and eliminate completely.  There was nothing on the market to achieve this which is how and why the Baby Throne was invented (and patented!).  However, with any potty training, baby or toddler must feel safe and secure.  To achieve this and what is unique about the Baby Throne is the support around the back, sides and under the thighs, in a soft foam (like in an arm chair) but in a specific squat position.  

    It is this magic squat position, which triggers the instinct to ‘push’ and empty properly, that helps with constipation.  Constipation is very common in babies especially when they transition from milk to solids which is at about 6 months.

    Potty training with Baby Throne is easy.  Be kind to baby.  Save time and money on diapers and be green!   Actually you save a fortune on diapers/nappies. (click here!)



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